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Tree Pruning

Texas Trees professional tree surgeons are some of the most experienced and skilled tree climbers in Dallas/Fort Worth. All of our tree surgeons are completely insured and bonded and have been in our company a minimum of fifteen years. Our goal through tree pruning is to raise & balance the trees canopy, as well as remove all dead, diseased, and crossing branches. Typically we advise that you prune your trees every other year, and deep root fertilize twice annually to ensure beautiful, healthy trees.

The Benefits of Tree Pruning


  • Roof clearance
  • Preventative storm thinning
  • Utility line clearance
  • Dead & broken limb removal


  • Visual clearance
  • Thinning to allow more filtered sunlight for turf.
  • Storm damage correction
  • Sucker growth removal


  • Thinning for light & air penetration
  • Invasive species removal
  • Insect treatment
  • Disease treatment
  • Characteristic shape restoration

Practices of Tree Pruning

Crown Raising: Crown raising is commonly practiced to clear sidewalks, roads, and or buildings from low obtrusive branches. We will refer to this practice as "raising and balancing the canopy of the Tree"

Crown Reduction: Crown reduction is the method of reducing the overall size of a trees canopy pruning. Crown reduction is done for a variety of reasons; one of the most important is to alleviate unnecessary weight (dead, diseased, and crossing branches) from the canopy of the tree.

Crown Thinning: Crown Thinning is the removal of small branches throughout the interior of a tree. Thinning reduces "windsail" and weight that might otherwise contribute to a tree's up rooting. Another advantage of thinning is to allow more filtered sunlight to the yard.

Crown Clearing: Crown Clearing is the removal of all dead, diseased, broken branches from the trees canopy.

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