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Kevin & Amy Keane: President & CEO of North Texas Trees Inc.
Certified Arborist
33 Years Experience
Parker Keane: Head of North Texas Trees Inc. / Sales
Certified Arborist
6 Years experience
Mike Smith: General Manager at Keane Landscaping Inc & North Texas Trees Inc
Certified Arborist
32 Years Experience
Jack Bednardz: Head of Maintenance Division at Keane Landscaping & North Texas Trees
Certified Arborist
19 Years Experience
Victor Moellenhoff: Head of Commercial Tree Care Division
Certified Arborist
4 Years Experience
Carlos Jonas
Ceritifed Arborist/ Master Tree Surgeon
33 Years Experience
Carlos Dominguez
Certified Arborist/ Master Tree Surgeon
16 Years Experience
Jayna Schwab
Office Manager
15 Years Experience
Kathryn Harvey
Office Manager/ Scheduling
3 Years experience

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  • Full Staff Certified Arborists
  • Free Estimates
  • Fully Insured, Bonded and Licensed
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Experienced & Talented Tree Climbers